Rules of competition

  1. Teams may be registered via the homepage (
  2. Max. 2 teams (of 3 persons each) per country
  3. Max. participant age 24,99 years (at beginning of competition)
  4. First-time participation in this sort of competition
  5. Participants have no higher qualification than "Gardener" or "Florist" Participants, they must have been in further education for max. 2 terms
  6. only one accompanying person or teamer per team
  7. An additional 2 accompanying persons / observers permitted for next organising country
  8. One person from the European Horticultural Instructors Working Group will be responsible for the competition and will if necessary assist the host country
  9. One contact person per country is responsible for the selection and registration of teams
  10. Registration fees (€50.00 per team) may be charged
  11. Teamers may serve as jury members
  12. The host country may invite guests if space permits. Guests must themselves meet all costs arising (no billing within the competition). No customary law will apply.
  13. Evaluation of national work:
    landscaping 25%
    Horticulture Production 25%
    Floristry 25%
    Evaluation of International Work 25%
  14. Both national and international teams and work are to be recognised.