The European Vocational Competition for Young Gardeners

If you enjoy getting to know like-minded people from other European countries, getting to know horticulture in another European country and talking about horticulture with young gardeners from all over Europe, this is the right place for you!

Since 2002, young gardeners from all over Europe have been meeting every two years to prove their horticultural knowledge.

In teams, everyday horticultural work as well as tricky tasks related to horticulture and floriculture are solved, basic skills are compared, flexibility and team spirit are tested.

The exchange between the young participants is an important part of the competition. A suitable framework for this is provided by a comprehensive supporting programme, which provides an insight into the horticultural tradition and culture of the host country.

The two films give a overview to the competion:

5th competition in Räpina, Estonia

6th competition in Ettelbrug, Luxembourg