teachers seminar

Every year in spring the EU-Horticulture-Teacher asbl organises a 5-day seminar.The venue is always a partner school from our association.
In addition to professional and cultural visits, the annual general meeting of the EU-Horticulture-Teacher asbl is always held during the seminar.
Another important aspect of the seminars is the exchange of experience among the participating colleagues.

The European seminars for horticultural teachers have a long tradition:

As early as 1970, the President of UNREP Mr Leforestier invited to the 1st Franco-German Seminar for Horticultural Teachers in Saint Germain-en-Laye.

In 1990 the French-German seminars for horticultural teachers were opened to other European nations and have since then been promoted mainly under the responsibility of Johannes Peperhove, the long-standing president of the Association of European Horticultural Teachers.

It was not until 2005 at the seminar in Grünberg (Germany) that the Working Group of European Horticultural Teachers was officially founded and since then the AG has also been officially responsible for the organisation of the annual teacher seminars.

A list of the seminars held since 2005 is given below:


1. 2005 Grünberg / Germany

2. 2006 Eupen / Belgium

3. 2007 Szentes / Hungary

4. 2008 Brno / Czech Republic

5. 2009 Räpina / Estonia

6. 2010 Niederlenz / Switzerland

7. 2011 Münster / Germany

8. 2012 Celje / Slovenia

9. 2013 Hamburg / Germany

10. 2014 Nürnberg / Germany

11. 2015 Bielsko-Biala / Poland

12. 2016 Meppel / Netherlands

13. 2017 Berlin / Germany

14. 2018 Tramin / South Tyrol

15. 2019 Bulduri / Latvia