The Association of European Horticultural Teachers

The Association of European Horticultural Teachers, based in Luxembourg, was officially founded in 2017 with the aim of bringing the education of gardeners in the European Community closer together.

Each year the school of a member country offers to host a seminar for teachers at which the General Assembly is also held. The concept is very simple. The teachers of the hosting country organise the symposium and can thus draw on their local contacts and ensure an interesting visit of the horticultural businesses, but also cultural events on site.

In addition to professional training, the focus is also on exchange among colleagues, deepening old acquaintances and making new ones. These personal contacts are used above all to help students in their search for jobs in other European countries. In addition, a number of horticultural schools are linked together in Erasmus+ projects.

An important event organised by the Association is the European Professional Competition for Young Gardeners, which is held every 2 years in a different European country. The competition offers an ideal platform to overcome language barriers and, while working together in horticulture, to exchange ideas with people from neighbouring European countries and to establish contacts or even friendships.


The Association of European Horticultural Teachers is open to all interested schools and teachers.

The board is looking forward to the further growth of the association in the next few years and to enriching the meetings in the future with colleagues from other schools and other European countries in addition to Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, France, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Italy. If you would like to become a member of the association, please use this form.

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